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Welcome to Liberty Travel – your #1 destination for the very best in solo travel!

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Infinite choices. One traveller. You.

Let’s face it, travelling with friends and family can be great. But there’s a lot to be said for exploring the world on your own – and on your own terms. Even when you travel independently, you never have to go at it alone. You can count on things like personalized service and special solo activities to name a few.

Our combined agency experience, and extended partner network enables us to offer you a wealth of expertise, and virtually unparalleled selection of travel packages, tours, cruises and more – all custom-tailored to the independent traveller We work with  the very best top-ranking travel affiliates and partners, including:

Transat, AMAWaterways, Club Med, Contiki, G Adventures, Holland America Cruise Lines, Insight Vacations, Just You, Rocky Mountaineer, Royal Caribbean Cruises, Trafalgar, Uniworld Boutique River Cruise and many more.


Top 5 reasons to go solo

1. No compromises

You want to go to the Louvre. They want to go shopping. So who wins? When you go solo, it’s your itinerary. You go where you want, when you want.

2. Make new friends, discover new cultures

People are less apt to mingle with others when they’re travelling with companions. Branch out, and discover the world – and the people – around you.

3. Be yourself and a little selfish, too

Ever notice how you change to fit in with people around you? When you travel on your own, you can just be yourself and indulge yourself.

4. Discover more niche experiences

Some of the rarest, most precious travel moments simply can’t be enjoyed in large groups. Go solo and take in more.

5. Live spontaneously

Locals are rarely inclined to invite a mob to stay in their home, or come for dinner. As a solo traveller, you can just drop everything and do anything on a whim.


If those weren’t enough, here are some more reasons why:

South Vacations

Take advantage of low, or no single-supplement on select departures, with all taxes and fees included. Some packages also include a 24/7 help line offering added peace of mind for solo travellers.

Ocean Cruises

Many of our featured cruises also offer single staterooms, or single-occupancy in double cabins – all designed and priced for solo travellers.

River Cruises

Specialty offerings for the independent traveller include regional cuisine & entertainment with solo get-togethers, communal dining tables, dancing and more.

Adventure Treks

High-energy getaways more your style? Check out our exciting collection of adventure travel designed for solo thrill-seekers. Whether you enjoy the safety and security of hassle-free travel with like-minded people, or prefer a high degree of independence, adventure travel professionals can customize private groups geared towards solo travellers.

Guided Tours

Join in as much or as little as you like, with the ideal balance of escorted tours and independent travel. Single accommodations abound, and local destination specialists help ensure an incredible experience from start to finish. Explore Solo Guided Tours.

Luxury Travel

Join organized daily get-togethers to mix and mingle, or go independent and carefree. Enjoy world-class cuisine, special personalized service, and attention to detail reserved especially for the solo traveller. The ultimate indulgence – all yours, and only yours.

Find out more on our spectacular selection of packages designed to put you –the independent traveller – first.

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